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Happy Martin Luther King Day To Me…

Yeah, it’s past MLK Day, but so what… *shrugs* I was in the DC area doing sessions on MLK weekend. Do you have any idea WHAT that means? No? That means, I had SEVERAL crackers, honkies, pasty fucks serving Me all.FUCKING.WEEKEND and the best part they paid to wait on Me hand and foot. :twisted: I wonder if Dr. King would be proud. LOL I bet he never would’ve thought anything like that could happen :lol: My how times have changed, huh? hehe

I did a lot of ballbusting and trampling sessions, of course My perfect ebony feet were on deck.

. I had My gopher slave waiting on Me all weekend, he even stayed in the hotel room the 1st night (that he paid for) on the floor beside My bed…but I had to show him the exit door because his snoring was ENTIRELY too fucking much!! UGH. I woke up with a migraine because of that little fucker. My gopher slave purchased all of My meals and left the hotel room like a good puppy whenever I had a session; gopher was an excellent servant of Mines this entire weekend! Kudos to you little one.

I put gopher slave to work, while I went out with My girlfriend, he had to write assignments and come up with video ideas/requests…which, in actuality were pretty kick ass hehe…of course we did some filming. I mean, that’s a GIVEN. Make sure you buy these clips below, fucktards!

SpitShine My boots on MLK Day

Hey you fucking white bitch…what better way to celebrate MLK Day???? you on your fucking knees and spit shine My fucking black boots. suck My heels! Lick My Soles! and Im going to spit on it, now lick it all the way the fuck out!

MLK Foot massage

It’s Martin Luther King Jr day and I have My white slave giving Me a foot massage as I eat the breakfast that he’s purchased for Me . This sub has been waiting on Me hand and foot all MLK Jr weekend. Too bad Dr King Jr wasn’t alive to see crackers worshiping black women HA!

Humiliating the chastised sissy

I love making fun of this cute little sissy. My sissy mona is wearing her chastity device (which I have the key for) and her pink panties. I, of course, tease little mona’s 1.5″ clit and flick her balls….hehe…I so LOVE humiliating this sissy!

Enjoy the Funk, bitch

I handcuff My white slave in the shower and make him inhale and watch as I take a shit . Funkiest EVER I might add…heh…his expressions and how he tells me it stinks…hilarious!!!
Priced more because I have a slave with me. Cough it up…you KNOW you want to watch and wishes that it was you

Remember, all of those clips above can ALSO be found on My Fetish PPV website: CaramelVixenClips

I decided that I’m going to start doing a sissy boy/slut training camp and every week or two weeks, I’ll be releasing a video. Some will contain assignments and some will have sissies in the videos. There will be homework in 9/10 all of the videos and they need to be done in order to pass the sissy boy/slut training camp. Here are the 1st two videos and they must be purchased…you can’t just skip them.

Sissy Slut Training INTRO

welcome to sissy training school. This series will have a video released once/twice a week in preparation of you becoming the best sissy slut there is. Some vids will have just Me and others will feature My sissy mona and other sluts. There is homework information in this video, but this is your training Intro and MUST be purchased…to begin for your sissy slut training.

Sissy Slut Training 101: Walk like a LADY

This is the 1st sissy slut training class for the next two weeks. If you haven’t you NEED to purchase the INTRO video. In this video, I show you how to walk as a sexy woman, arms moving at your sides, a dip in your hip and one foot in front of the other. Now watch sissy mona in her panties, bra, petticoat and flat shoes attempt to mimic Me.

Here are some more random shots with slaves during My MLK weekend stay in DC.

Now go buy My videos, fuckers!!! My birthday is on Feb 11th…Let’s get these gifts coming!!!!


Visiting DC Jan 13th-16th

My DC foot zombies, ass worshipers and Caramel Goddess addicts, I will be in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area Jan 13th-16th. Book Me now bois, as My schedule IS filling up fast! bookings*AT*

Cuckold and Fetish Sessions in Northern NJ tomorrow!

your Caramel Goddess will be doing sessions tomorrow in Northern NJ, If you wish to be under My foot, under My ass, on your knees as My human furniture or anything else in between, then I suggest you BOOK EARLY…Some of the sessions that I am entertaining are:

-Small Dick Humiliation
-Fart Fetish
-Forced Feminization
-Tease and Denial
-Foot Worship
-Foot Domination
-Foot Worship
-Human Furniture
-Corporal Punishment
-Public Humiliation

Remember ALL sessions are CFnm (CLOTHED FEMALE naked male). If you do not see an interest listed, feel free to contact Me to see whether or not I will be providing it.

It is POSSIBLE that I will be looking to FILM while I am out there….so if interested you may contact Me as well.

Send emails to [email protected]

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