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Appreciation and Feedback

I get bombarded with tons of stupid ass and begging emails DAILY….and I do mean DAILY. I haven’t gotten an email like this in a very long time.

I really enjoyed this email and I sent back a quick email to him and directed him to My other c4s stores and My wishlist, heh. I’m telling you it gets to the point that I really hate checking My emails. If you follow Me on twitter —> @mizcaramelvixen <---- you know that I have a hashtag #IHateCheckingEmailsTweet because I get the strangest, most beggingest (yeah I know it's not a word) emails ever. I really do hate checking My emails. So that email put a smile to My face and even tho I am an Ebony Fetish Queen, it doesn't mean that I don't like to read emails with great feedback. It let's Me know that you minions like and appreciate what I film...and that not EVERYONE of you shitheads out there are the pathetic fucks that enter My email on a daily gotdamn basis! Anyways... I'm still on My twitter break and while I do miss being on twitter and communicating with My colleagues, fans, customers and twitterfriends the amount of work I am accomplishing is pretty damn awesome. I'm not completely gone from the internet, you can find Me on tumblr ---> mizcaramelvixen and also on instagram —> miz_caramel_vixen I upload various pics throughout the day of what I like (personally) and what I’m wearing or just plain ole body tease shots…no nudity of course…especially not anything for you bozos, but knowing you all, you’ll grab your cock and beat off to My eyelash and perfect lips :lol:

Speaking of My perfection, I shot a few videos for My main fetish clips4sale store and I was wearing this lovely ensemble. MizCaramelVixenGo ahead and drool…it’s quite alright! Yeah… I know, I’m pretty fucking HAUTE! heh.

Webcam is available today and My phone lines are on. Look for new videos to be released this week in My clips4sale fetish store. Send video requests to vixen*AT* and I’ll get those out and updated as soon as I can.


Back From Orlando and video updates

I really haven’t updated the site like I used to mainly because I tweet ever so much. I’ve got to get better with that tho. Anywho, I’ve been back for a few weeks from My Orlando trip and been sick too, I blame the weather change. It was high 80′s in Orlando and I come back to NJ and it’s raining and in the 40′s/50′s ummm nevermind the fact I came back in a summer dress :lol: Only Me…so of COURSE I’d end up sick lol.

I have pics of Me and the other fetish models on My instagram which is MizCaramelVixen

I filmed with My girls Sydney Screams, Ms Whitney Morgan and had the pleasure to FINALLY meet and film with Darling Rikki, and Tiffany Cushinberry. We had an AWESOME time and a fucking blast behind the scenes, during scenes and everything in between. These ladies ROCK! Make sure you check out their sites and buy the videos (especially the ones that I’m in!)

Now for a video updates of Me and the lovely Florida crew

Foot Orgy

I’m in Orlando, Florida and I have brought along 3 friends of mines. MsWhitneyMorgan, Sydney Screams and Darling Rikki. We tease, taunt and humiliate you foot zombies. Don’t you want to lick, sniff, worship, kiss our beautiful feet? Too bad you cant hahaha

Clips4Sale Price: $6.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 6 minutes
Category: SOLES

Or purchase the same video on for $5.99

Giantess Tiffany shrinks and stuffs

This over 400 pound beauty has decided to shrink you loser and take you and put you under her fat rolls and stuff you deep inside of her belly button. I’m pretty sure you can’t breathe under her sweaty, fat rolls.

Clips4Sale Price: $6.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 4 minutes
Category: GIANTESS

Or purchase the same video on for $4.99


A reunion of My size 10 foot and Whitney Morgan’s little cunt. I abuse it even more this time, then in part 1. I slap, flick, punch and kick Whitney’s cunt REPEATEDLY! Oh and her tight vagina was so wet!

Clips4Sale Price: $8.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 7 minutes

Or purchase the same video on for $6.99

Double Personal Foot Fetish Session

Always wanted your very own foot fetish session with two Goddesses, but couldn’t afford it or we were never in your state? Well, this video’s for you….On your knees and worship My ebony feet and Mistress Sydney’s size 8 feet….lick in between each toe, suck Our toes and experience as WE smother you with Our soles and rub Our sweaty feet all over your face

Clips4Sale Price: $7.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 6 minutes

Or purchase the same video on for $6.99

Interracial Makeout Session 2

Another interracial makeout session with Sydney Screams, but this time I get extremely rough with her. Throwing her on the bed, slapping her face, telling her to shut the fuck up all while rubbing her tight cunt. She has no choice but to submit, like the submissive slut that she is!
Clips4Sale Price: $8.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 5 minutes

* Not yet available on

Facesitting a fan

Smothering one of you losers who buys My videos in Orlando. Right before I smother him I had bacon, eggs with cheese, waffles, hashbrowns and cinnamon raisin bread. Im sooooo full of gas and I smothered, bounced on his face, and of course I got a shot at his balls. Towards the end I push and push and push and let out this nasty fart hehe
Clips4Sale Price: $7.99 (click on picture to purchase)
Length: 5 minutes

* Not yet available on

There will be more videos released during the week of the ladies I filmed with as soon as I get to editing them. Also make sure you check out for other videos that you want/NEED to add to your collection of Me, your Ebony Fetish Queen

New Twitter Name….

I decided to change My twitter name for a few reasons. After searching My names Caramel Vixen, MizCaramelVixen and CaramelDreams that the first two showed up abundantly in google/yahoo Whereas CaramelDreams took you to other sites and the same for MsCaramelDreams (My facebook name). So…I opted to change Caramel_Dreams (old twitter name) into MizCaramelVixen for google search purposes…and also to continue with My brand. I get asked many times do you want to go by CaramelVixen or CaramelDreams I also say Vixen…so why not BE CaramelVixen all over…and welp, there you have it. The explanation.

Now Caramel_Dreams (twitter) will STILL be available altho it is a redirect to follow My new twitter name MizCaramelVixen. So click that follow button bois. Nothing else is changing but My name.

Make a note of it.

Mini Fetish Update: CBT & a loser sub

I’ve been mega busy these last few days, draining wallets and balls :twisted: via twitter , niteflirt and My latest spot Clipvia. Nothing major…about $500 from both sites. I picked up a prezzie from the mailbox yesterday. I love surprises :) but this one really wasn’t a surprise. :lol: I told My little black bitch to go pick it up for Me and well, he did. To read more about the dumb black bitch, scroll down.

I wonder what it could be hmmmmmm

Oooohhh a pink laptop case hehe

I won’t be fucking up My laptop on this trip this weekend. No way, Jose! This was from My black sub…or possibly My “ex” black sub. This dumbfuck was feeling “sometypeofway” because of the video below…the one with the HUGE black stud, which looks like he’s penetrating Me from behind. :lol: IF the dimwit actually READ the description and/or the category…or hell even WATCH the image, you’d see his cock is resting in between My butt cheeks. It’s called the Italian Job which is (like a foot job (feet), tit job (boobs) or handjob (hand) follow me) I called it an “ass job”, but according to others it’s called an Italian Job….idk why tho *shrugs* but on clips4sale it’s called Ass Cheek Fucking :lol: Either way I LOVE IT! Majority of you know that I am the BBW Fetish QUEEN, which means I cater to SEVERAL FETISHES….and this just so happens to be the latest fetish.

Back on the subject…so this black cunt sends Me a message stating that he can no longer serve Me because I am doing vanilla porn. :roll: whatever loser…*pick a finger* I sent him a message via twitter, but he wants to play the Ignore game. *shrugs* hey, whatev…I drained you in gifts and tributes for what $500 in a week? Hey…suityourself…I *KNOW* you’re reading this because you can’t stay away from My site (yeah I saw you visited it yesterday) bitch, so when you’re finished reading this, you can crawl on back to your Saviour… :lol: BUT the question is THIS…

Okies next subject. (Damn this was *NOT* a quick update) LOL

Remember when I went to DC back in March (I think) and I filmed with My gopher slave? Well, I couldn’t edit any videos because of My dumbass laptop. Anywho, I have a new one (not the best, but it’ll do) so I was able to edit these videos from My DC trip and boy oh boy the laughter ENSUED!!!!!!! Like I laughed soo hard I damn near pissed Myself :lol: There was over 30mins of video shot that day, so there will be a lot of videos coming soon. In the meantime, check out this CBT, ballbusting videos from the shoot!

CBT: The Star Spangled Edition

This video picks up from the CBT & Small Penis Humiliation video…If you haven’t gotten it…go pick it up! I take a shitload of clothespins and put it on his tiny white cock and balls and well…we have a LOT of fun…well *I* did…Humiliation & CBT @its finest!

CBT: The Rubber Bands Edition

Armed with some thick rubber bands and this pathetic white slave on his back, legs wide open…balls & cock full of nothing but clothespins I let loose several hits with the rubberbands Heh…More pain…I LOVE IT!!!!!! Plucking & rubberband flinging

:twisted: LOL Lookit My little bitch rocking those panties with his tiny little clitty exposed :lol: hehehe! LOVE IT!!!! I’ll be seeing this bitch later on this month for some more filming and merriment :twisted:

Well, that’s all for now. I’m leaving for Atlanta on Friday! If you haven’t scheduled your ATLANTA appointment with Me tsk tsk tsk.

Oh…I’m headed to the Carolinas *VERY* soon…got a couple inquiries…so if you’re in that area…let Me know if you want to set up an appointment! :wink:

Meet @Nyomibanxxx: Divine #Ebony #Goddess

This beautiful Ebony Goddess that stands before you is none other than NyomiBanxxx. This beautiful woman is the embodiment of an Amazon African Queen and Her cracker subjects are where they belong, on their lose knees. Queen Nyomi Banxxx uses these snowpigs for HER pleasure. Wouldn’t you just LOVE to be Her bitch?

Back in November of last year, I was able to meet Nyomi (again)…I simply ADORE Her! I’m hoping one day, we can make one of you pathetic honkey’s into OUR little sissy slut.

Drooling yet fuckboys? HA! That’s right losers, that’s your Caramel Fetish Queen with Ebony Interracial Dominatrix, Nyomi Banxxx. Don’t you think we’d cause problems for you? Heh :twisted: I suggest that you get a physical before watching our videos (wishful thinking)

Speaking of videos…check out how NyomiBanxxx proves that SHE is the GODDESS and THEY are bitches!

To watch the rest of Amazon African goddess; Nyomi Banxxx, as She gets Her luscious black ass worshiped by two white slaveboys and then drills one in the ass till he pisses himself. Go here, bitch! and make sure you Follow NyomiBanxxx on twitter.

My 2010 Year in Review January to June

Wow! Can you believe it…this year is over. How about this DECADE is over! Crazy, right? Where did the time go? What did I do? How come I don’t remember…man, it’s insane. I know one thing I am 100% blessed to have gone through this year and am able to see 2011 (God willing). I wanted to do a year in review because some GREAT things, good things, bad things and SUPERSHITTY things happened this year. Some of the supershitty is personal that just won’t be exposed for OBVIOUS reasons. I’m going to go month to month and put some details in it here and there. This should ruffle some feathers and don’t worry I will leave names out to protect the innocent guilty Heh. Please note if I don’t mention you, it’s not because I don’t like you (well some of you) but probably because I’m hella forgetful.

January (from what I remember) for the most part was a quiet month. I still wasn’t back to blogging on this site after two years. I was still on twitter “micro-blogging”. I believe only 2 guys took up My actual “time” as far as relationships go. I knew I was broke from Christmas as I always am :lol: well not BROKE BROKE, but I spent about 4k for Christmas of 2009, crazy :? I always say no more….never again, yet I do it :lol: Talk about a tradition. I had a manager, she was pretty cool…we worked on tons of plans to get me “going places”. I knew she had a lot on her plate managing others, so I knew that this was going to be me being patient. Oh boy, do I need patience LOL

Go shawty its My birthday, we’re gonna party like it’s My birthday! Yep February 11th, 2010 My birthday…I turned _ _ years old. SWEET! To celebrate My birthday, someone who I met on twitter was having a foot fetish party and asked me to come out, so YEAH…My first debut party which I was hosting shooot go headdd work it! Ugh. The day before it snowed. bad. ICKY…well needless to say that party was *NOT* a success. :lol: I hate snow! Still dealing with the same 2 men in My life…cool :)

Hmm let’s see what else…Oh yeah I was dumped by my manager. She realized that she couldn’t work with me because her plate was full…and/or she really couldn’t find gigs for me because I only did fetish and was a bbw. It was cool, professional. I was heated, no lie…but I *KNEW* it was coming, so it wasn’t a surprise at all…yanno? No hard feelings at all. I did meet with a potential “manager” via twitter and felt that possibly said person could take me to another level…so we worked and planned with a lot of things that I thought would work. Was excited because my trial & ERROR on “managers” were not the best. Was she different???

Oh I was making plans to meet up with a photographer to have one of my 1st professional shoots. Excited! Now, while I didn’t party super hard for my birthday, I did have fun on more than one occasion! Oh yeah I FINALLY came back to My blog after a 2 year hiatus…I know you maggots were happy as hell LOL

I remember it was STILL COLD AS HELL! sheesh…PARTY TIME…EXCELLENT! My “manager” wanted me to host this swingers party with JonnySlim so of COURSE I did it. I showed up in my fishnet outfit and was a good little hostess :) I was watching Jonny and his friend doing the damn thing, next thing you know my east coast boo had me against the wall and we’re fucking while watching Jonny. OH YEAH! That shit ret there was FUCKING HOT! I’ma blame whatever drink I was drinking..YEP :lol: :lol: I put on a show, something that I must say I didn’t EVER think I would do, but hey I did it :lol: NOREGRETS.COM baby! I was told I would get paid for the event, but needless to say, I didn’t and things just went SOUTH.

Now Jonny had introduced me to a good friend, my love bunny, MsMarshae We instantly clicked! She’s such a sweet kindhearted person. Oh I just LOVE HER! She’s a hustler and there’s nothing bad that you can say about her. ADORE HER! Jonny, Marshae, Jonny’s & Marshae’s friend and Myself and my friend were cooped up in this 5×5 room (exaggerating) doing some fetish filming LMAOOO. OMG GOOD TIMES IN THERE! ha! Oh I filmed my first porno video too :lol: Well, *I* wasn’t fucking…BUT I WAS DAMN SURE FILMING IT! :lol: That was my first time ever watching two people FUCK like WHOA…I was the camerawoman and truth be told watching Jonny & Marshae fuck was oh yeah…it was hella wet. I needed a pantyliner after that one :lol: :lol: yeah, tons of friendships were formed that day :)

I fell back off the blogging wagon again, life was a wee bit busy…

TAX TIME! I started getting massive amounts of clip orders, one that stood out the most was someone purchased over $400 in ebony fart fetish videos on my clips4sale store. LOL…That money was rolling in. I believe that month I made over 3k in that store ALONE :D Yep…I so do love my toilet farting and fart fetish bois!

Still with 2 men…one was on the east coast, the other on the west coast. The east coast guy was DEFINITELY getting more attention that ole boy from the West coast. OBVIOUSLY! :lol: Ahhh April came My foot puppy…I drained over $900 in one sitting in giftcards from him. That’s when I started to transform an empty room into my office. heh.

I also did my FIRST INTERVIEW EVER with Read the article by clicking the link! A huge shout out to them…thanks for the love!!! Will ALWAYS appreciate it!

Honestly don’t remember to much of May, but I do know that’s when I met a good little white boy, by the name of slave andy! Heh…I remember we “met” on twitter, but I didn’t officially MEET him until May. We met up and we filmed and filmed and FILMED! Oh, he was a funny little character. What a good little slave he was IS actually! Here’s a few of our first clips below:

Black Boots Ballbusting

My black Baby Phat boots vs white slave andy. Talk about Interracial Ballbusting HA! This clip was filmed with SO MUCH ballbusting! Ball Kneeing! Ball kicking! Ball Squeezing! Face slapping, nipple pinching and humiliation!! A MUST BUY!!!

Caramel Dreams: Smothered by Ebony Ass

Wouldn’t you love to have 52 inches plus worth of ebony ass smothering your face? Of course you do! Well you aen’t worthy of that priviledge. You will have to settle for living vicariously through Caramel Dreams’ slave as he gets squished under her giant ass. When she starts to get bored she does some chest bouncing and facesitting while grabbing his balls. His screams are completely muffled by her ass that encompasses his face.

Summer is coming! Whoohoo :) My boobalah Marshae invited me to ANOTHER swingers party. (ay yi yi) :lol: It’s been months since I’ve seen Marshae so of COURSE I had to! DUH!! I love her! Wow, that swingers party was at TJslastingimpressions and WOWZERS! I was totally IMPRESSED with that spot. I made acquaintances with a lot of pornstars (altho I really don’t communicate with them, but I will speak if I run into them again) and watched a few fuck heh. Oh yeah….it was Danny Blaq’s bday party and that ish was HILARIOUS. I got on the stage and went into strippergirl mode ha! Good times! Oh & yeah #teamnohardcore

By this time I was in “feeding my manager/publicist with a long spoon mode” I wasn’t to thrilled with working somewhere and not receiving my pay for it, so I just distanced myself slowly, but surely.

I met up and filmed with another slave…a short shit he was Heh…he found Me on and wanted to film, so what the hell, right? Check out some of our videos

Towards the end of the month, I also met with another slave thanks to The fetish pantyhose princess, Izzy Charm….slave steve. Many of you know slave steve from MANY videos that are located on My Female Domination site. If you missed some of our clips here’s a chance to get them:

Not a bad way to end the first half of the year, right???? Stay tuned for July-December

Ebony Financial Domination

One of my FAVE fetishes, but honestly I don’t DELVE into it as I should. With that said, it doesn’t mean that I know NOTHING of Financially Draining LOSERS like you, but what it means is that I don’t “PUSH” per se that fetish. There are 3 bois in My “harem”, “stable” “presence” who I can absolutely classify as a financial fuckboi loser.

My footpuppy has bought HELLA items off of My wishlist and if you do a search on here for footpuppy or footboi he *SHOULD* pop up along with the presents that were bought.

Then we have “disappointment”, who loves to send gift cards. I guess I should patrol my twitpics to pull up those pics and plaster them, but that means more work for Me to PROVE that yeah, I drained his wallet. BLAH. I’m good heh. I’ve furnished my whole office with his gift certs, I believe I drained him to the tune of 1k or so with amazon gift certs. *shrugs*

Last but not least we have My prospect! Oh, what a good boi he is. It’s only been a month and between Niteflirt, amazon gifts, and of course WESTERN UNION, I’ve drained him dry of over $2500, I’m pretty sure it’s more. He’s sponsoring my vegas trip that alone was over $1000. Oh and he got Me the camera that I mentioned in this blog not the first Canon, the second one, that was over $500. Tons of presents for My geek issues and My sons of anarchy addiction. Hell, the list goes on and on. I guess I SHOULD pull out these pics LOL! :lol: Oh & sheesh the clips4sale sales. HA! :twisted:

My little prospect wasn’t a FOOTbitch, but he picked up a couple of clips from My ebony foot fetish clips4sale store and he let Me know how addicted he is to My feet and is falling deeper for Me. :D I love it when a plan comes together! HA!

So like I said earlier, I may not FOCUS so much on financially draining pets, but I guess I do it in My *OWN* way. Clip draining, cam draining and of course My dominant voice that puts you under My spell. Not bad for a BBW Ebony Domme? huh?

Was having a discussion with the lovely Asian Goddess Karen, about FinDomme and she tweeted to me:

I guess if Karen says it, I believe it, and that settles it for Me :lol: :lol:

With that said, you bois click My tribute buttons, purchase clips & continue to fund My VEGAS TRIP!!!

****************EDITED TO ADD******************

Here are some amazon pics that I fished from my twitpic page

Flip thru the twitpics to see the other amazon gift certs & prezzies I got, I have other pressing things to do than to pull out proof pics!

Feeling Much Better and Tons of Updates

finally :) as you read in My previous blog entry, I had a little accident in which I burned my left hand. I have been on percocet and very much under the influence and I haven’t had the chance to really do much work, as I would like. I have had friends and “lovers” checking up on Me and taking care of Me. The only thing that I have been able to do is take calls via Niteflirt. I’ve been getting tons of calls from you bois who care about your Caramel Fetish Queen, good job! Tributes have been sent and same thing as gifts. I like when you bois show how much you love your Caramel Goddess. Keep it up! Good news, I won’t need any plastic surgery on My hand, but there will be some scarring. That’s a blessing, isn’t it :D happy, happy, joy, joy!

I’ve been able to update a couple of My clips stores from time to time. Nothing major, but this week I will be doing some major updating, so stay tuned :D Here are some updated clips from My various fetish stores

Foot Fetish

Wearing my sexy leopard pumps I go on a drive. Pumping pedals and hitting the highway doing 80!!! REVVVVVVVVVV listen to that motor GO!!!

Tongue Fetish

After drinking some Hot tea, my tongue turned brown and I decided to do some tongue trixxx. A lot of tongue shots! deformed tongue and licking

Ebony Fart Fetish

I know how much you love my cocoapuffs, so grab your spoon & let’s eat higher

I’ve also started, at the behest of some of you bois out there to start a MOV foot fetish store for My Ebony Foot Fetish collection and that’s exactly what I did…so now you bois can get your MOV footfetish clips for your MAC here: Ebony Foot Fetish clips MOV Speaking of foot fetish videos, I have 5 members who joined My ebony foot fetish princess membersite 152 foot fetish, pedal pumping, foot worship, ballbusting and more videos for the price of $24.95! So make sure that you JOIN NOW!!!

Also updated is My Ebony Fart Fetish Membersite. There are currently 19 members this month! This site has 236 farting, burping, peeing and toilet fart videos available! Join now for $34.95 I know how much you fart fetish lovers enjoy My videos, so don’t pass this opportunity up!!

It’s taken Me over an hour to write this blog, sheesh I miss using My hands…but I digress at least I still have them.

Next topic RECORDINGS! I am uber happy that Niteflirt brought back recorded listings. Like SERIOUSLY. I was supposed to do new recordings last week, but I wasn’t up to it, I’m sure you losers can understand…if not, too damn bad. I’ve updated My recorded listings page on here…so make sure you listen to My recordings, especially if I am not around to take your calls via Niteflirt. Do I make Myself clear? I sure do hope so…I know that I have SEVERAL lurkers who read My words on here and some who do follow the instructions laid out. So, make Me happy and do as instructed, mmkay?

Christmas is on the way! YAY! That means more gifts and tributes for ME! I so do love gifts! I have 24 purchased gifts on My amazon wishlist I want more prezzies, so let’s push those numbers up! Gift cards are accepted as well! And don’t forget you can always send gifts, flowers, get well cards with $$$ to the following address:

370 W Pleasantview Ave #104
Hackensack NJ 07601

I *SHOULD* be on cam this week on Niteflirt webcam foot and strapon domination, Rude as well as Streamate Stay tuned for updates on here and of course on My twitter

Gonna bless you bois with some pictures of Me from Exxxotica this month, Oh and check Me out on youtube as well!

Now watch the video: Start at 4:05

Now don’t you wish that you was there to meet Me.

I’m Running Around Like A Chicken With its Head CUT OFF!!!!

Yeah, that’s basically what today is going to be. I’m soooooo frizzledfrazzled!!!! ~X( So much to do, so little time! ACK!!! I’ve been getting emails asking Me for new material, they need Me, etc etc…yeah I know bois, I know. This Caramel Fetish Queen has been so damn busy, I just haven’t gotten around to filming AS much or for that matter, editing the videos that I *DO* have on the camcorder that’s just chillin, waiting for me to convert & edit them.

I NEED AN ASSISTANT!!!!!!! /end rant

It’s hard doing every.single.thing. by yourself, but it gets done and then you get burned out and then you take a break and pick up where you left off at. Gotta love the cycle LOL…well, I know *you* don’t but eh, it is what it is. So, one of you subs, slaves, customers, that are video editors or promoters, marketers…hit My email, if you want the job. Resumes, portfolios, idk, just send Me something and not just. Oh i’d do it Goddess, mmmkay? Cool

This blog entry is going to be a LOT of razzledazzle without the dazzle or the razzle LOL…don’t get it? Yeah, neither do I. This is like a POTLUCK blog entry :lol: Whatever is on My mind, is just going to spill out onto My fingertips!

So MUCH to do SO LITTLE TIME!!!!!!!! Exxotica is here…TODAY and I am so *NOT* ready, I still have things to do, UGH..did I already say that I NEED AN ASSISTANT!!!!!!!!! If not, my bad :?

I’m waiting to hear back from someone who is supposed to do “something special” with Me this wknd, hopefully this little one will contact Me back. If not, eh, such is life…

#random I am SOOO FUCKN HORNY!

I have been on dick hiatus for 2.5 weeks now, WTF!?!?! The one dick that I did have available, was “turned off” because I was so B-E AGGRESSIVE lol, yeah that’s what he said. Why are you so aggressive, nevermind, I’m good…

If he was here, he would’ve seen the FINGER, NECK & EYE ROLL! /:) Punk ass bitch X( yeah that pissed Me off, big time. The other standby penis was on the left coast, so I’ve been making “nice” to Myself with My good ole friend,

Lexington Steele. /sidebar I wonder if he’s going to be at Exxxotica this wknd I must tell him how he’s been such an EXCELLENT FUCK for Me ;;)

So, My main penis should be back in 2-3 weeks and Idk if I’m going to make it. I have 2 back up cocks to the main penis in My life. Notice I said PENIS/COCK/DICK and not MAN. I have no time for that in My life right now. Penises are just fine :D well, when they’re AROUND :|

Sessions! Ack…I won’t be available for sessions this weekend, obviously, because I will be at Exxxotica. Next week, sessions WILL be back in session as well as FILMING! Look out for an open call for filming bois! I’m hoping to film with a couple of slaves this weekend, so ::fingers crossed:: on that one.

This bitch will be here this weekend, so I’ll be filming with him and he’s apart of the surprise that I have going on @Exxxotica, so you don’t want to miss out.

Alright, its 9am. I have shit to do…Follow Me on twitter for Exxxotica updates, you know the link (@caramel_dreams) and hope to see you there @EXXXOTICA!!!!

Oh & Ima leave you with this, just because >:)

This past week in review

I *DO* try and blog daily, but yanno, sometimes life takes over and well Me updating about who spent what and how much this one gave Me and what I spoke about with this one is all a blur. I’m going to TRY & do a “week in review” for all the little things that I missed. BUT…of COURSE you can just EASILY follow Me on twitter and I wouldn’t have to do it but eh…such is life.

By now we ALL know how My trip to the DMV area was…if not go read the earlier posts. Apparently, you fetish freaks are illiterate because I am STILL getting calls regarding setting up appointments. I wrote 10/2-10/4 but hey I can’t expect you guys to read when you’re wanking off to My pictures…now can I? :twisted:

LOL lookit Me teasing you already…cock rock hard…and here I go expecting you to read the rest of this blog entry LOL :lol:

So again, guys I am NO LONGER in the DMV area…so stop calling Me thankYOU!

Speaking of calling Me and wanting this particular person to S.T.O.P. ugh…I’m no longer in a relationship, haven’t been in EONS, but I do juggle a few men who peak My interest from time to time. Actually, 2 get My “undivided, but not FULL” attention…the other 4 I just use to My bidding…of course that means purchasing WHATEVER I want, paying for WHATEVER I say…hey, wait…that’s basically what you losers are for teehee. They know that they’re the “bottom of the barrel” so-to-speak and they do know that they could NEVER get to lick, touch, taste, sniff, enter the Golden Gap (ya like that one? HA!) so, they do know their place. Gotta climb up those ranks buddy. So, this one dude who MIGHTA had an opportunity with Me has been STALKING ME OH SO HARD! Reading My tweets, texting, calling, just being a NUISANCE he’s a jealous lil fucker…wants Me all to himself (asif) and everytime I’d tweet about being with another dude, he’d respond oh you don’t care for Me? I’d do whatever I can for you and you still don’t appreciate Me…blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine. So, he’s definitely outta here. I hate a NEEDY ASS DUDE….hell, even SLAVES…stop being needy and whiny that shit does nothing for Me but make Me dismiss you quicker than you small dick bitches fuck a tight pussy :lol: HA!

Small penis humiliation has been a kicker via Niteflirt you tiny tot cocks have been calling like CRAZY! Begging for humiliation oh & you sissy bitches too! lol. I’ve gotten a slew of Feminization cam shows it’s been HELLA funny!!!

Oh that sissy right there took that toy and plugged up his little tight hole for Me….well…it wasn’t tight after she was done fucking her pussy for Me :twisted: as you can tell by the size of that cock HA!

Lessee what else…Oh a HUGE congrats to the beautiful Karen: The Asian Goddess today is her wedding OWWW!!! Have fun mamita and enjoy your special day love!!! :D

I’m looking to film with some slaves, male and female so if you’re interested in being in My films and you’re in the NJ/NY area use the contact form and tell Me what kind of videos you’re interested in being in. Doesn’t matter the color, age, size, shape and YES, you can be masked.

I’ve been getting requests for Me to convert a lot of My fart fetish and ass fetish videos to MOV and IPOD/MP4 format, so I have a couple of new stores that I unveiled this week and clips are being purchased…slowly but surely. If you look to the left of the blog; you will see Fetish Clips and underneath a list of all of My clips4sale stores, so if you see something and you want it in a different format contact Me and I will look for said video and convert it for you.

Giftcards: LOL :lol: whew…last week a guy who LOVES My videos, sent Me a $4 (yes FOUR DOLLARS, CUATRO DINEROS) amazon gift certificate and said enjoy your gift LOL…I laughed then he came back with a $10 gift card and then topped it off with a $40 gift card. $54 total..whooo let Me NOT spend it all in one place :lol: :lol: :lol: I love it, you guys are too much for Me

OH! and how can I forget I am UrbanXAwards XGirl for the month of October!!! UrbanXAwards is a site/awards show that honors Urban Adult entertainers. They have an awards show where many Ethnic adult performers are nominated and then chosen as the #1 in said category: Interracial, Up&Coming porn star, Gang Bang, etc….Anywho, they chose Me, your Caramel Vixen, to be their X Girl for the content that I CONSTANTLY produce (daily) and for the work/hustle/grind that I showcase every day! Read more about Me being the Urban X Awards Girl of the MonthI think it’s ABSOLUTELY kickass because 1. I do majority fetish material and 2 I don’t have any hardcore content and 3. I’m a BBW. Yep, your Caramel Queen works HARD & I love that I was recognized!

Anywho, I think that’s about it for the week in review…so go buy clips! Pick up that phone call Me through Niteflirt! send in those drive-by tributes! schedule a real time session! Join My membersites! and of course, follow Me on twitter!

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